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An Absinthe differs in its level of wormwood, the quality of the production method, recipe, alcohol degree and its origin. Below you will find our Absinthes grouped by these categories. You will also find discounted Absinthe Bulk Packs and extraordinary Absinthe goodies in "Variations".

In this section you will find our strongest Absinthes. These Absinthes are sold as "Bitterspirituose" in the European Union which means that they have a higher wormwood level. When you are looking for the Absinthe effect, choose one of these Absinthe brands.
All Deluxe Absinthes are distilled, which means that they use a very complex and time intensive production method. This guarantees an extraordinary smooth and balanced taste. A simpler production method is maceration.
without Anise
Welcome to our anise free section. Although authentic Absinthes have to have anise in their recipe, there are "non traditional" Absinthes out there, that skip this ingredient. These Absinthes are for those who do not like the licorice flavor.
Absinthe Variations are more than the ordinary, special and in a way different. They will always be an eyecatcher. We also added some non-Absinthe related spirits, which can add some extra fun and pleasure to life as well.
Bulk Packs

The bargain zone! Buy your Absinthe bulk, stock up your bar and save some extra bucks.

Here you find a selection of premium Absinthes packaged in the shape of a "cigar". This is the perfect way to sample different Absinthes to find your favorite.
by Alcohol Degree
In this section our Absinthe selection is sorted after the alcohol degree of the brands. Absinthes with a degree of over 60% are suitable for the Czech fire ritual.
by Origin
The Green Fairy spreads its magic all over the World. Therefore Absinthes are made in various countries all over the globe. Start your trip and check out our substantial selection of Absinthes indexed by their Country of Origin.

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