World’s Smallest Absinthe Set

Posted on November 5th, 2010 by absinthejack

While perusing the interent I came across this really cool absinthe set. There’s a site, Kaleidoskopic Romance, that makes 1/12 scale hand made miniatures for doll houses. Having recently developed a taste for absinthe they decided to express their interest in miniature. The detail on these are incredible and if you look very close you can see that the bottle is none other that Alandia’s own Moulin Vert. It’s hard to believe the bottle is only about 1 inch tall. I decided I had to have a set and, to show the scale, I’d take a picture of them in front of a full size Moulin Vert bottle. You can see how really small they are in the pic. They have lots of  neat miniatures including Ouija boards, crystal balls, and apothecary bottles and boxes. You can see all of their unique items at .


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