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Unique Home Made Absinthe Spoons

Posted on July 30th, 2013 by absinthejack

Someone got very creative with Grandma’s cuttlery.

“Blood and Chocolate” Screen Used Absinthe Glass and Spoons

Posted on January 6th, 2011 by absinthejack

The 2007 release “Blood and Chocolate” was a mediocre werewolf movie. The thing that makes it interesting is that the clan of werewolves were asbsinthe fans. Not only that but they owned their own absinthe distillery. There are a few cool absinthe scenes including a look at the inside of their warehouse where you can see their huge stills. A couple of  years ago I purchased a screen used Pontarlier glass and spoons from PremierProps. The spoons have some kind of metallic gold and blue finish applied to them by the art department. I assume this is to make them show up better on film or to make them look more unique. Oh, and by the way,  our sister site,  Alandia, supplied all of the absinthe goodies for the film.