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Absinthe ALANDIA Gold68

Absinthe ALANDIA Gold68

Product No.: A1355
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Absinthe Gold68 uses a high amount of wormwood for its Absinthe recipe, but skips anise to avoid a dominating licorice taste. Instead, stimulating citrus notes are present, which give this naturally bitter Absinthe a pleasant body. If you are looking for the perfect, non licorice Absinthe effect, this Absinthe is your choice. No artificial additives are used and the alcohol level is set at a classic 68%. Therefore, Gold68 is suitable for the Czech and the French Absinthe ritual. Sip some glasses and the moment turns into truth: In Absinthio Veritas...

When you like Strong68, but want an Absinthe with less licorice Gold68 is the perfect Absinthe for you.

Important Note:
We recommend to drink Absinthe Gold68 with at least two sugar cubes. You will see, the wormwood content of this Absinthe makes it bitter and this bitterness is not masked by sweet tasting herbs like fennel or anise as Gold68 skips these ingredients to create a non-licorice taste. Therefore the louche is also very light, as the louche is normally created by the essential oils of anise and fennel. To make it precise, Gold68 is not for the Absintheur, who is looking for a very complex Absinthe. Gold68 is straight forward: Wormwood is what it´s recipe is primarily about and therefore wormwood is what you will taste and feel! As this Absinthe is anisefree you can also use it for mix drinks, for example Gold68 mixed with Ginger Ale and a slice of lemon or orange, depending on your preferences. 

  • 68% alcohol
  • No licorice taste
  • 0.5 liter/16.89 ounces
$ 50.00


Absintheur Reviews:

Absintheur:  Guest, 01.07.2009

A good absinthe. a bit bitter from the taste, but i drank it with two sugar cubes, which balanced the taste. the effect is intense. the color is golden/yellow as shown in the picture, the label is decorated with a nice design. the bottle is corked, which adds some premiumness to the bottle. overall i would buy this one again, especially as im not a big fan of the licorice taste other absinthes have. i know i miss a lot of the more traditional absinthes, but i have had some bad experiences with a licorice spirit when i was once in turkey on holidays. the taste still remembers me of this "special" night...

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