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Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

Product No.: 1062
Shipping time: 10-12 days

Abisinthe Amer is a distilled Absinthe from France with a higher wormwood content. Nevertheless the taste is very balanced. A good Absinthe for first timers and pros.

  • 72% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter/23.65 ounces
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions in the US states of FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, LA, SC we can not ship Absinthe with alcohol content over 70% by vol. to those areas. Please order accordingly.
$ 80.00


Absintheur Reviews:

Absintheur: audra mann, 10.06.2012

One of my favorite! Very silky and smooth with a light flavor that doesn\'t over power you. I will definitely be ordering more on my next order!

Absintheur: Bradley Johnson, 17.04.2010

Very nice. Very, very, very nice! A little bland, a little weak, a lot smooth and easy and very, very drinkable. Nice.

Absintheur: Barry Petty, 14.09.2009

Just received our bulk pack of Lemercier. it arrived in perfect condition, and very quickly, as usual. thank you. did you notice that you have a "typo" on your website for this product? Well, whatever you call it, Lemercier is the best! We love it.

Absintheur: Barry Petty, 18.08.2009

My wife and I both agree this is the most wonderful Absinthe we have tried! Perfect with the French ritual, it is smooth and very easy on the palate, a wonderful experience. If taken with sugar and water, I cannot imagine a more perfect absinthe. No bitter after taste, not too heavy on the anise, very enjoyable. This may be my very favorite, and am anticipating buying a supply of this great distillation. LEMERCIER... I LOVE IT.

Absintheur: Maria DuBeau, 11.02.2008

I thought that this Absinthe was beautiful, I was very pleased with the louche, the flavor when it first hit my tongue, and the flavor's progression after the sip. I enjoied this Amer 72 with and without a sugar cube. I will order this product again soon. On a side note I was also pleased with the promptness of the delivery.

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This fine product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 07. April 2004.
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